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West Berkshire Council's Preferred Housing Sites

What is happening?

West Berkshire Council (WBC) has developed a Core Strategy document which set out a housing requirement for the District of ‘at least’ 10,500 dwellings from 2006 to 2026.  The Core Strategy allocates strategic development sites in Newbury (Newbury Racecourse and Sandleford Park). It also sets out policies for the non-strategic housing sites.

Over the last two years WBC requested that landowners and developers suggest sites to meet the non-strategic housing need.  The list of proposed sites was documented in the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA).  WBC evaluated all the proposed sites and then consulted with Parish Councils and other interested parties.

Following the consultation, West Berkshire Council has now produced a Housing Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) for West Berkshire.  This document identifies its preferred list of sites for development.

WBC is now consulting with the public about this DPD.  The Parish Council and You get to say what you think about the preferred sites.  The consultation runs from 25 July to 12 September 2014.

What does this mean for our Parish?

Four housing sites have been chosen for our Parish:

Land at Coley Farm, Stoney Lane (SHLAA site reference NEW045) - 75 Houses

Land at Poplar Farm, Cold Ash (SHLAA site reference COL002) - 20 Houses

  1.      St Gabriel’s Farm, Cold Ash (SHLAA site reference COL006) - 6 Houses

  2.      Land at Cold Ash Hill (SHLAA site reference COL011) - 6 Houses

What has the Parish Council done?

The Parish Council formed a working group.  The working group comprised Parish Councillors,  Cold Ash Community Partnership representatives and WBC Councillor Garth Simpson.

The working group looked in detail at the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA).  Studies were made of the local geology and environment, flooding, traffic patterns etc.  There were 12 sites in our Parish that needed to be evaluated.

The working group then met with WBC planners and gave feedback for each of the SHLAA sites.  You can see the feedback in the attachments below:

West Berks Council advised that documents should be removed once consultation period had ended.

What is the Parish Council going to do?

The Parish Council is studying the documents recently released by WBC and will be preparing feedback on them.

The Parish Council is also holding a public meeting for all those interested in this process.  The public meeting will be held in the Fisher Room, St Mark's Church on Saturday 16th August from 10.00 am - 12.00 noon.  PC and CACP representatives will present details of the proposed sites, answer questions and invite feedback.

After the public meeting the feedback will be collated, added to the existing data and submitted to WBC.  The submission to WBC will be published on this page of the website.

What if I can't make it to the Public Meeting?

You can give feedback on the proposals to WBC or you can contact the Parish clerk.

To send details to WBC:

Alternatively, you can submit comments using the comments forms via email to, by fax 01635 519 408; or by post to the Planning Policy Team, Planning and Countryside, West Berkshire Council, Market Street, Newbury, RG14 5LD

To contact the Parish Clerk:


letter: The Clerk, CAPC, Parish Office, Hermitage Road, Cold Ash

Where can I find more information?

All documents are available to view online on WBC's website:

Hard copies are available for public inspection at West Berkshire Council Offices, Market Street, Newbury, RG14 5LD free of charge between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm on Mondays to Thursdays and 8:30am and 4.30pm on Fridays. They will also be available for inspection at all public libraries in the District during their normal opening hours.

Cold Ash Parish Council

Cold Ash Parish Public Meeting Update

On Saturday, Cold Ash Parish Council held its public meeting regarding West Berkshire Council's new housing site allocations. The meeting, held in the Fisher Room at St.Mark's Church was well supported.  Parishioners were given presentations by Cold Ash Parish Council and the Cold Ash Community Partnership, with District Councillors Garth Simpson and Jeff Beck joining the Q&A.

A summary of the meeting can be found in the following document:

Notes of Public Meeting

During the meeting, the following handouts were given out:

Public Meeting Handout

Public Meeting Comment Form

The comments form can be posted or emailed to the Parish Clerk.  We also advise you to pass on your comments to West Berkshire Council.

During the meeting, mention was given of the West Berkshire Council site assessment documents.  The WBC documents for these sites can be found below:

Land at Coley Farm, Stoney Lane (SHLAA site reference NEW045)

NEW045 Site Assessment


NEW045 Summary & Recommendation 2

Land at Poplar Farm, Cold Ash (SHLAA site reference COL002)

COL002 Site Assessment

COL002 Site Assessment

COL002 Summary & Recommendation 2

St Gabriel’s Farm, Cold Ash (SHLAA site reference COL006)

COL006 Site Assessment


COL006 Summary & Recommendation 2

Land at Cold Ash Hill (SHLAA site reference COL011)

COL011 Site Assessment


COL011 Summary & Recommendation 2

Cold Ash Parish Council

Cold Ash Parish Council DPD Submission

On Friday, Cold Ash Parish Council handed to WBC its submission to the DPD consultation. The submission consisted of:

Covering letter to Mr G Lugg, Head of Planning and Countryside

Copy of Parish Council Submission sent in March 2014

Submission for preferred site COL011 - Land at Cold Ash Hill

Submission for preferred site NEW045 - Coley Farm, Stoney Lane

Submission for preferred site COL002 - Poplar Farm, Cold Ash Hill

Submission for preferred site COL006 - St. Gabriels Farm, Cold Ash

Parishioners responses to the Cold Ash Parish Council consultation process

Letter to Mr Lugg Sep2014

CAPC COL011 DPD Submission

CAPC NEW045 DPD Submission

CAPC COL002 DPD Submission

CAPC COL006 DPD Submission

The Parish Council also submitted corrections to the WBC site assessment documents for the non- preferred sites. The Council was concerned that these sites might come back in the future and wanted to make sure the assessments were factually correct.

Submission for non-preferred site NEW105 - Land at Yates Copse

Submission for non-preferred site THA019 - Land at Little Copse

Submission for non-preferred site THA011 - Land to North of Bowling Green Rd

Submission for non-preferred site THA014 - Land at Regency Park Hotel

Submission for non-preferred site THA027 - The Creek, Heath Lane

CAPC NEW105 DPD Submission

CAPC THA019 DPD Submission

CAPC THA011 DPD Submission

CAPC THA014 DPD Submission

CAPC THA027 DPD Submission.pdf

The Parish Council would like to thank all members of the planning working group and would like to thank the parishioners that took part in our consultation process.

The Council understands that WBC will now review all the consultation responses and publish the final DPD document in December, when we will have yet another consultation process.

Cold Ash Parish Council


Update November 2015

Development Plan Document - Click Here for details

DPD - Housing Site Allocations - Click Here for details

DPD - Click Here for details.

At the meeting on the 8th December 2015, the Parish Council agreed to submit the following documents to the West Berkshire Council DPD consultation.

CAPC COL002 DPD Submission Dec 2015

CAPC NEW045 DPD Submission Dec 2015