Facilities owned and managed by the Parish Council

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Cold Ash PC is one of 53 parish councils in West Berkshire. Working partly on our own initiative and partly in conjunction with West Berkshire Council, we aim to ensure that the needs of the people of the parish are met by the delivery of good service and helpful advice.

In 2008 we commissioned a purpose-built parish office and this opened for business in September of the same year.  This has enabled the Council to have all available information under one roof and visitors to the office are able to view planning applications, collect any number of useful leaflets on subjects ranging from flood prevention to footpath guides and even how to plant a tree.  They can also bring any matters of concern to the attention of the Clerk, whether this relates to their own property or to the parish generally.  Details of the opening times of the office and how to contact the Council are under the “Contact Us” tab.


Highways & Footpaths

The maintenance of highways, road signs, traffic calming etc. is the responsibility of the District Council, however, the Parish Council is a consultee, along with other interested parties, for most schemes or proposals.  Consultations are discussed at Council Meetings and will be itemised on the agendas. 

The parish’s 28 rights of way are also the responsibility of West Berkshire Council and to assist them in their task, councillors walk all the paths between December and February each year and submit a schedule of condition to the Rights of Way team. 

Anyone wishing to report a problem on any of our highways or rights of way can do so through the parish office or direct to WBC’s Streetcare team on 01635 519080 or streetcare@westberks.gov.uk


The majority of the parish’s streetlights are the responsibility of Southern Electric with a small number being in the ownership of the Parish Council.

Defects on any streetlights should be notified to the Clerk who will then determine ownership and deal with the matter accordingly.

Street Cleaning/Refuse Collection/Flytipping

Any queries in regard to these services should be directed to WBC’s Streetcare team on 01635 519080 or streetcare@westberks.gov.uk

Other Facilities