17/00980/HOUSE adjacent to the Parish 32 Trent Crescent Thatcham RG18 3DN - Proposed part first floor and two storey side extension and alterations.


17/01012/FUL Adjacent to Parish Land at Hartshill Copse off Broad Lane Burdens Heath Bucklebury - Gas fuelled capacity mechanism embedded generation plant to support National Grid


17/00815/HOUSE Robins Ridge Bucklebury Alley RG18 9NN- Replacement of existing flat roof 1.75 storey extension to rear of property with new 1.75 storey, hip roofed extension to rear. Addition of porch, skylight and dormer window to front elevation. Modifications to existing dormer windows at front and rear.

17/00721/HOUSE Adjacent to Parish - 26 Mersey Way Thatcham RG18 3DL -Erection of two storey side extension and single storey rear extension.

17/00548/TELE56 Land West of Tennis Courts Downe House School - Deployment of 15m telegraph pole mast including integrated antennas, together with the deployment of 3 no. small cabinets.


17/00383/FUL Ashdown Cottage Stoney Lane Ashmore Green RG18 9HQ - Proposed demolition of existing detached house and garage/workshop and the erection of a new replacement swelling and garage incorporating amenity and parking.

17/00259/CERTP Twin Chimneys The Ridge - Replacement of a brick build boot/storage room on the back of a detached garage into an oak garden room, linked to the property via a hallway from a side entrance already in place between the garage and the main property.


17/00457/HOUSE  Larchwood 4 Vicarage Lane RG18 9PX – Carport

17/00489/FUL The Bungalow Cleardene Farm Ashmore Green Road RG18 9ES - Erection of a replacement dwelling and outbuilding together with a change of use of agricultural land to domestic curtilage.

17/00253/HOUSE 18 Wansey Gardens RG14 2SJ - Part conversion of a detached double garage

17/00315/FULD Woodridge House Bucklebury Alley RG18 9NH - Section 73. Variation of condition2: Approved Plans in accordance of approved reference 15/03473/FULD (Demolition of existing dwelling and associated outbuildings, and replacement with a new dwelling and garden shed)


17/00321/HOUSE Adjacent to Parish 3 Thames Road Thatcham RG18 3DP - Two storey side extension.

16/03386/FULD Willows Cold Ash Hill RG18 9NX  New Extensions to an existing house and associated bedroom block to provide special needs accommodation.


17/00120/HOUSE Thaxted House Fishers Lane RG18 9NG - First Floor extension above existing garage to the side of house to provide a dressing room and rearrange existing bedroom accommodation. Proposes balcony to the rear of extension.


16/03610/FULD Glendale Manor Collaroy Road Cold Ash RG18 9PB - Proposed new dwelling with amended access for off road parking, new pedestrian access. New access for existing bungelow.


16/03531/FULD Straight Elms Farm Stoney Lane RG18 9HF - Removal of existing manege and the conversion, extension and alterations to existing buildings to create 1 no two bedroom detached dwelling (C3) with associated parking, turning, landscaping and private amenity space.

16/03609/HOUSE Woodland View The Ridge RG18 9JB - Single storey and rear extensions

16/03501/HOUSE Newholme Ashmore Green Road RG18 9ER - Single Storey rear extension to create new garden room.


16/03513/HOUSE Dallow Gill Cold Ash Hill RG18 9PT - Two first floor extensions, insertion of front and rear pitched roof dormers and new porch frontage.

16/03360/HOUSE Springwood Bucklebury Alley RG18 9NH - Garage Conversion and detached garage

16/03014/HOUSE 1 Poplar House Cold Ash Hill RG18 9PT - Demolition of existing dilapidated garage. Construction of new double garage with ground floor storage and first floor games room with shower room. Formation of new drive, linking the existing parking area with new proposed garage. Removal of 5 non- TPO trees.


16/03210/house Adjacent to Parish Islares Long Lane Hermitage RG18 9QT - Proposed side/rear single garden room, new side garage carport.


16/03222/HOUSE Adjacent to Parish - 50 Pear Tree Lane Newbury RG14 2LX - Rear single storey extension.


16/03251/FULC Unit 2 Red Shute Hill Ind Est RG18 9QL - Section 73a: Variation of condition7 - BREEAM of approved application 15/02040/FULC: like for like rebuild of existing fire damaged industrial unit. Design and materials to match existing.


16/03090/FUL Adjacent to Parish Rookery Farm Curridge Green Curridge RG18 9EA - Change of use of area of hardstanding for use as car storage.


16/03089/FUL Adjacent to Parish Rookery Farm Curridge Green Curridge RG18 9EA -Change of use and associated alterations of agricultural lean-to to form 3 modest commercial units.

16/02536/COMIND Adjacent to parish    School of Military Survey Denison Barracks Hermitage RG18 9TP - To replace the existing security fence to the site boundary with a new higher security fence.


16/01709/HOUSE Adjacent to Parish 36 Mersey Way RG18 3DL Removal of existing tree and hedging, levelling of site, lay concrete foundations(either removal of existing concrete for approximately 50% of garage site not already covered by driveway) and erection of single garage and carport. Rainwater to be collected in water butts and excess water to drain to borders.

16/02840/HOUSE Bridge House Red Shute Hill RG18 9QW - Single Storey extension on to west side elevation of House

16/02748/HOUSE Woodland View The Ridge RG18 9JB - Single storey side and rear extension, additional front facing dormer

16/02231/COMIND Downe House School Cold Ash - Proposed Learning Centre comprising of a single new detached three storey school building, housing a library, multi use auditorium, learning spaces, social space, seminar room, café, school shop, offices and associated service and circulation spaces; and associated landscape spaces.

16/02268/HOUSE Two Oaks Stoney Lane Ashmore Green RG18 9HQ Change of use from office space above garage to granny annexe ancillary to main residence. No building work is proposed or required

16/02138/HOUSE Foxbriar House Fishers Lane RG18 9NG - retrospective application for as built lean-to added to approved ancillary accommodation


16/02009/FULD Land South of Grovelands Pear Tree Lane - Proposed new  residential fully sustainable, 3 no.bedroom self-build swelling with associated parking & amenity


16/02024/HOUSE 1 Conway Drive Thatcham -Adj to Parish  - single storey side extension

16/02529/OUTD Land Adjacent to Summerfield The Ridge Cold Ash  Outline application for change of use of part of existing agricultural field to residential and the erection of 5 no. detached swelling houses with ancillary garages, access, parking, landscaping and associated works. Matters to be considered Access and layout.


16/02518/FUL Barlows of Hermitage Red Shute Hill Hermitage RG18 9QL Installation of a 21m Swann Engineering 1003UP Lattice Tower on a new concrete base with x3 antennae, x2 0.3m dishes, x 2 cabinets and associated equipment.


16/02511/HOUSE 5 Annadale Cold Ash RG18 9JQ To replace the low brick wall with a 1.8m chain link fence around the front and side of the garden, planting a hedge inside to grow and cover the fence.


16/02484/HOUSE Lower View Long Lane Cold Ash RG18 9LX Demolish existing garage and replace with two bay, two storey garage/office

16/01839/HOUSE Green Cottage Ashmore Green RG18 9EX  - Replacement garden shed

16/01746/HOUSE 5 Annadale Cold Ash RG18 9JQ - Replacing the low brick wall with 1.8m wooden style fence to add security and privacy


16/01710/HOUSE Highlands Harewood Drive Cold Ash RG18 9PF - Single storey side and rear extension

16/01696/HOUSE  The Hermitage Long Lane Cold Ash RG18 9LX - Part single storey and part two storey extension to existing dwelling.


16/01721/HOUSE Wyldwood Bucklebury Alley Cold Ash RG18 9NH - Section 73a: Variation of condition 2 - Approved plans of planning ref 15/02608/HOUSE (Alterations to dormer windows including creation of gable window to principal bedroom and re-cladding walls and roof). To convert existing garage to a kitchen/breakfast room with further minor alterations to fenestration.


16/01581/HOUSE Upyonder Ash Terrace Ashmore Green RG18 9EU- Single storey rear extension, front extension and replace existing timber frame, demolish outbuilding and raise roof.

16/01377/HOUSE 4 Ingoldsby Copse Newbury RG14 2SN Proposed rear conservatory


16/01458/HOUSE Hogarth House Red Shute Hill Hermitage RG18 9QH     Single Storey extension to front dwelling


16/01572/HOUSE Roundhill Cottage The Ridge RG18 9HZ Detached Cottage


16/01508/OUTMAJ Land West of Heath Lane and North of Bowling Green Road Outline application form up to 225 units with associated access, public open space, landscaping and flood attenuation basins on the land at Henwick Park, Thatcham. Matters to be considered: Access

16/01371/PACOU Broad View Farm The Ridge Cold Ash RG18 9HX ADJACENT TO COLD ASH Notification for prior approval for a proposed changes of use of agricultural building to a business use (Use Class B1 © )


16/01015/FULD Willows Cold Ash Hill RG18 9NX  Demolition of habitable rooms/existing garage, and erection of new three bedroomed dwelling, single garage and associated works.


16/01489/OUTMAJ Coley Farm Stoney Lane Ashmore Green RG18 9HG Outline application for 75 swellings with associated access, landscape and open space improvme3nts. Matters to be considered: Access and Layout.

16/01326/HOUSE Jonroc Henwick Thatcham - New two storey balcony structure to the side. New single storey conservatory to the side. New outbuilding to the side new porch to the front.

16/01170/HOUSE Lower View Long Lane Cold Ash RG18 9LX - Demolish existing garage and replace with two bay,two storey garage/office

16/01163/HOUSE Dacre Ashmore Green Road RG18 9ES - Demolition of existing attached garage and outbuildings. Two storey rear extension and single storey rear extensions

16/00835/HOUSE Pine Wood Bucklebury Alley Cold Ash RG18 9NH – Section 73a – variation of condition (4) Arboriculture Method Statement of planning permission 15/0129/HOUSE – proposed side and rear extension


16/00746/COMIND The Limes Guest House Bath Rd Adjacent TO COLD ASH Section 73a: Variation of Condition 3: Amended Plans of approved application 13/03160/COMIND - Demolition of The Limes Guest House, Nos 370a and 370b and all associated outbuildings and construction of 64 no. bed high dependency care facility and associated parking.


16/00824/HOUSE Hill View  Ash Terrace Ashmore Green Single storey front and side extensions loft alterations new greenhouse


16/00315/FULD Pataya  Bucklebury Alley Cold Ash Proposed new dwelling and 2 two storey side extensions to the existing dwelling.


16/00836/HOUSE Pine Wood Bucklebury Alley Cold Ash RG18 9NH Provision of additional rear entrance door and side window in N.E Elevation

16/00817/FULC Red Shute Hill Ind Est Red Shute Hill Hermitage RG18 9QL  Section 73: Variation of condition2: Plans ,and Removal of Condition 7: Landscaping, of approved application 14/03415/FULC - Demolition of existing sampling lab and offices, erection of replacement sampling lab and offices, replacement of sample spear and associated landscaping to surrounding parking areas.


16/00936/HOUSE 20 Severn Close Thatcham RG18 3DW     Two storey rear extension and detached garage with storage


16/00713/HOUSE  Stone House Stoney Lane RG18 9HF   Second storey rear link roof and side entrance porch extensions. Additional first floor side elevation window and modification of ground floor window to French doors


16/00877/HOUSE Pine Wood Bucklebury Alley RG18 9NH Provision of Summer house within existing rear garden

16/00543/HOUSE 11 Naseby Rise Manor Park Newbury RG14 2SF   – Remove porch and replace with larger enclosed porch

16/00625/OUTMAJ Land East of Tull Way Thatcham Berks – Outline Application for the erection of 75no. dwellings associated access and public open space. Matters to be considered: Access ADJACENT TO PARISH

15/03204/HOUSE The Shrubbery, Long Lane Cold Ash Thatcham RG18 9LY – Replace an existing timber garage with a new timber garage. To install a new bounded 2500l oil tank in a new location. ADJACENT TO COLD ASH PARISH

15/03196/COMIND Land off Tull Way Thatcham Regulation 3: Flood Alleviation scheme.

15/03153/PASSHE The Paddocks Cold Ash Hill RG18 9NX – Rear  extension in filling a corner of an L shaped rear profile of the property. 5.8m from rear wall x 3.2m high x 2.7m height at eaves. No Comment  Required   


15/02734/FULD 39 Pine Ridge Newbury RG14 2NQ – Adjacent to Parish – Sub-division of detached dwelling to provide two new  dwellings.    

15/02983/COMIND 370a London Rd Newbury RG142QH adjacent to Parish – Section 73a – Variation of Condition (1) in accordance with approved plans – of planning permission 13/00252/COMIND – Demolition of The Limes guest house, Nos 370a and 370b and all associated outbuildings and construction of 64 no bed high dependency care facility with associated parking.

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Text in orange means the planning application has been withdrawn.

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